Diddy – Dirty Money: The Final Days Series



During the tracking of “The Last Train To Paris” I was invited in by Diddy to document the raw intensity and artful creation
of a record 4 years in the making. I was given hours notice, no time for equipment rentals or any frills. I drove straight to Sean Combs house with a Canon 7D, 2 lenses, and an onboard Mic and zero direction. “Just Shoot” were his directions. I shot and hacked edits together onsite and so began the era of 2010 DSLR shooting.

This is a rare and honest documentary look into the world of Diddy and the Dirty Money
crew during an intense 6 days leading up to the day the record is due. The final chapters were released over various platforms both broadcast and digital.

Make sure to watch all the videos in the series!!!

Shot, Produced and Direction: David Kalani Larkins